Snoop drops ‘Decentralized Dogg’ NFT

Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg has debuted his first nonfungible token (NFT) collaboration with artist Coldie in the final release of the Decentral Eyes Portrait Series.

SuperRare’s “Decentralized Dogg NFT” was created on November 29th at 7:15 UTC. It will go on sale until Dec 3. SuperRare, a marketplace for digital NFTs, caters to those who are willing to spend more to get exclusive items. Snoop Dogg’s NFT collage is a stereooscopic 3D image of 10 portraits. It features a soundtrack composed by Snoop. The current price for the NFT is $760,000 or 169 Ether.

Nick Adler, Snoop’s partner in innovation and long-term investment, told Cointelegraph the NFT Drop is just the beginning of Snoop’s work within the NFT space and art. Coldie said that Snoop was open to collaborations depending on the NFT’s performance. Coldie also stated that Snoop’s management contacted Coldie about working with him on an NFT via SuperRare.

Adler mentioned also that Snoop intends to maintain a relationship with DAO (decentralized autonomous organisation) collectors who end up buying the NFT. We find the current environment interesting because we intend to continue developing this piece. He said that maybe this could be used for future albums or books covers. Coldie told Cointelegraph, too that Snoop’s management team had considered using the artwork for augmented reality labels on wine bottles or book covers.

We could make Snoop wine labels that utilize augmented reality. The portrait is brought to life in a wine glass. This adds so much value for the collector, as he has millions of people looking at the artwork. Snoop Dogg stated that the NFT has inspired him to change the way he works and let his art out into the world in a recent interview.

It’s not just visible, it is felt and heard. You digg? This piece should be a visual representation of my metaverse vision. This is Decentralized, decentralized eyes. SuperRare’s NFT description explains that the purple is an homage to hip-hop royalty. His left eye has a halftone and grunge effect that speaks of his being an OG and his Doggystyle reference is a nod towards his first album.

The art will be displayed at SuperRare’s Supernow x Christie’s trade fair ‘The Gateway’ during Miami Art Week, Dec 3. The artwork will also be on display at Monolith’s Flagler Street Art Festival, Nov. 30-Dec. 5. Snoop, who had used a pseudonym in order to conceal his identity as a NFT influencer “Cozomo De’ Medici”, announced that he was using the pseudonym. A wallet linked to the account contains an NFT collection of over $17million, which includes nine CryptoPunks as well as a variety of tokens that are marijuana-related.

Coldie’s NFT partnership with John Van Hamersveld to create “The Unfolding Dream”, in collaboration with Async, is currently being offered for sale until December 10. Cointelegraph was informed by Coldie that he is planning to collaborate with Sarah Zucker, a fellow digital artist in the future.


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