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MineoCrypto affiliate program

Welcome to the first cryptocurrency Artificial Intelligence Bot affiliate marketing program in the world dedicated!

Transform yourself into a content creator, publisher and blogger and monetize through every new and recurring customer that uses MineoCrypto services, every month.
With the products and services available on Mineo Crypto, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience and earn from qualifying purchases and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MineoCrypto?

MineoCrypto is a new-generation type of software that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Driven driven connected to the cryptocurrency World.
Through Mineo, you can learn, analyze, research Market Data, Metrics, Read News and educate yourself in-depth in the vast blockchain technology.

You can explore thousands of Cryptocurrencies and learn all about them. New customers can get started with a free trial to get unlimited access to the entire catalog with a Premium Membership.

Who is eligible for Skillshare's affiliate program?

MineoCrypto’s affiliate program is free to join for anybody who wants to spread and share our mission.
You can share wherever you desire: blogs, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter followers, email newsletters. The powerful thing is, our AI is able to recognize your lead 24/7 and 365 days, on all the pages of our website. From the home page, passing by the Technical Pages or the News, you can find thousands of opportunities to earn money.

To become an affiliate all you need it to create an account through our website and maintain an active subscription of the Mineobot.

Do trial signups count as a referral?

Absolutely Yes!

All trial sign-ups will count towards your referral payouts.

We may also make other types of trials or offers available through the program that can help you optimize for your audience. In the backend of the Affiliation Program, you can find many creatives that will help you to spread our mission

How does Mineo's affiliate program work?

MineoCrypto affiliates can earn from up to 25% in commission for each new customer that signs up through the referral link, and up to 10% from the sub-affiliates. The commission payment is made every month and stays active as long as you maintain your subscription active. The commission is calculated according to the payments received by your affiliates and sub-affiliates and is payes in your Paypal, CreditCard, Bank, or Bitcoin Wallet.
You can create Unlimited affiliation Branches.

Each affiliate creates a custom account through MineoCrypto that tracks their referrals in real-time. You have control of all the levels and transactions in your affiliate account.

How do referral payouts work?

Affiliates will receive payouts on the 2nd business day of each month for the previous month’s referrals attributed to the affiliate through their preferred payment specified in MineoCrypto

Need more help?

Contact info@mineocrypto.com with more questions.

Join our affiliate program and earn commission on each successful sale you refer or new customer signup. Apply today and start earning!